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Recycled Paper

SF Bay Area Contemporary Artist

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Normally an artist would take this opportunity to explain what their work means, their romanticized inspiration, a reason for making whatever it is they make. And normally, you wouldn’t read it cuz its probably a bunch of information about where they studied and what galleries, brands and collectors thought their work was cool, LIKE THIS. And normally I would write that for you because thats the game we are “supposed” to play. 


Or, I could be a skeptic and tell you about how evil that game is, how capitalism is ruining art and how by collecting me before I die, you're somehow gaming the system, but thats not it either. Honestly, I think the system is interesting, I want to master it, and manipulate it so that I can spend as much a I want, to create whatever I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want. 


I mostly don’t know what i’m doing,  I have way more ideas than time and my favorite ideas are the ones I think are good for people, and that keep me from having to get a “real job”. 


And what I have figured out… is that my favorite thing…what wakes me up in the morning… is taking those ideas and making them a thing. That’s what I want my art to be, just that I take ideas and make them,  maybe it will help other people feel like they can make theirs. And I don’t want to be so attached to the idea of being an artist that I forget why Im making art. I want to stay in love with the thing Im telling and not just in love with the telling itself.

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